Saturday, March 24, 2012


Samfirmware releases a set of firmwares. These firmwares are available at Samfirmware. Some firmwares are official and some are incomplete.
These firmwares are:
Firmware: S723EXXKG1_S723EOXFKA3_COA Firmware: I9100XXLPQ_I9100OXXLPD_CYO (Android 4.0.3) Firmware: I8150XXLB4_I8150OJVLB1_TUR Firmware: N7000XXLC1_N7000OXXLB3_XEF (Android 2.3.6) Firmware: N7000XXLC1_N7000OXXLB3_SIM (Android 2.3.6) Firmware: P1010DXKP5_P1010OLBKP5_XTC Firmware: S8500CXLB3_S8500PLSLC1_PLS Firmware: S5250XXKF2_S5250O2CKB1_O2C (Bada 1.1) Firmware: S5250XXKF2_S5250OXFKA2_ORO (Bada 1.1) Firmware: S5250XXKF2_S5250OXGKG1_ATO (Bada 1.1) Firmware: S5250XXKF2_S5250EPLKB1_EPL (Bada 1.1) Download this firmwares at Samfirmware